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Lakeshore Animal Friends
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Lakeshore Animal Friends
The Lakeshore Animal Friends (LAF) is a not for profit organization committed to the humane and ethical treatment of all animals. Now celebrating its 25th anniversary, Lakeshore Animal Friends was founded in 1992. From its inception, LAF has worked with Mason County Animal Control, providing a free spay or neuter for all animals adopted there. Not only has this helped to substantially reduce the number of unwanted cats and dogs born in Mason County, it has given our local animal control one of the highest adoption rates in the entire state and almost completely eliminated the need for euthanization at that location.

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In addition to its spay and neuter program, LAF has assisted the community by funding improvements to the Mason County Animal Control facility to promote the comfort and well-being of animals housed there and to facilitate their interaction with people wishing to adopt a pet. Thanks to the generosity of supporters in the community, over the years LAF has raised thousands of dollars to finance its projects. A recent project was to provide roofing over the outdoor kennels at Animal Control, allowing dogs to spend more time in the fresh air and protecting the kennels from winter damage.

Some LAF members choose to foster homeless animals from the Mason County Animal Control and from the community at large in their own homes. Fostered animals are spayed or neutered, provided with veterinary care, and are available for adoption.

Annual Fundraisers

Yard Sale

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LAF holds several annual events to help fund its projects. The largest fundraiser is the annual yard sale which begins each year on the Memorial Day Weekend and continues on the two following weekends and is held at the Western Michigan Fairgrounds, located at 5302 W. US 10 in Ludington.

Best Friends Fun Fest

The annual Best Friends Fun Fest is a thank you to the community for its support. It is held each October at a local restaurant and features a raffle, an auction and lots of great food. Each year an award is given to LAF's Best Friend of the Year, a person who contributed especially generously in supporting LAF's mission.

Home for the Holidays Open House & Christmas Bazaar

Each December, LAF celebrates at Animal Control with its Home for the Holidays open house and Christmas bazaar. Those attending are encouraged to visit with the animals and, if the time is right, to take one home to join the family. There are hourly door prizes, homemade treats, lovely and inexpensive gift ideas, gift baskets and Christmas decor.

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Other Resources Through LAF

Lakeshore Animal Friends makes available educational materials on animal care for grade school children and for adults and participants in local activities where animal adoption and animal care are features.

Each November LAF mails an annual newsletter to donors and participants cataloging the year's activities. Current news and pictures of animals available for adoption can always be found on our Facebook page and pictures can also be seen on the bulletin board that LAF maintains in the entrance to the Ludington Walmart, located at 4854 W. US 10.

Lakeshore Animal Friends monthly meetings take place the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30pm at the Ludington branch of the Mason County District Library, located at 217 E. Ludington Ave. Visitors and potential new members are always welcome.

Questions or comments may be left on LAF's hot line by calling (231) 843-1414.

Correspondence and donations can be sent to:
Lakeshore Animal Friends
PO Box 503
Ludington, MI 49431
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